Thursday, July 26, 2012

33 Weeks & 1 Day: Bed Rest Day 92

33 Weeks... this is the week I had Emoree when I was pregnant with her. 33 Weeks & 4 days, which will be this Sunday, and I'm hoping to make it at least 2 more weeks :)

On Monday I had my weekly, uneventful OB appt. It was pretty quick, no cervix check. I asked for the first time what my fundal height (vertical belly/uterus measurement in centimeters) was, and I measured 35cm!! Which means my uterus is measuring about 2 weeks ahead. Also, I won't have cervix checks again until about 36 weeks unless I am having contractions or pressure, because if I go to 4cm dilated I will be admitted. Next appointment is again next Monday. However the last few days I've been quite uncomfortable and having tightness and pressure... not sure if I've had contractions or not, so I will probably end up with a cervix check on Monday, when I will be nearly 34 weeks. :-/

Today, Anya was the most cooperative she has ever been! Hence all of the ultrasound pictures :) She looked good and stable during the scan too. We had a growth scan today, and she is approximately 4lbs 9oz!! Yay!!!! I was also on the non-stress test monitor for only 20 minutes today because that went quite well, no contractions and Anya's heart rate was really good. Amniotic fluid measurement was the same at 11cm.

This is my favorite picture from today, her nose is smushed up and her lips are puffed out... and on the lower right side of her face you can see her fingers :)

Today I ordered Anya's infant car seat!!!! I was going to wait until after she was born (since I wouldn't need it for a few weeks after anyway), but I was on today and it was on sale!! Free shipping too :) Anyway, I was on creating a baby registry (a little late, right?). Basically just so I know what items I still need to get for Anya. Not like I am having a baby shower or anything... I more so made it for my own reference. Anyway, here is my registry link: *Walmart Registry for Anya*

Being at home for 3+ months on bed rest gets old fast.... and this week online shopping kinda kept me happy :) I was looking at's summer clearance, and ordered this dress for both Emoree and Anya for next summer. I made the best guess I could on size.. Emoree is in a girl's 6/small now, so I ordered her a 7/medium for next summer... and for Anya I ordered a 12-18 months size. It is their first set of matching dresses :)

I was a little ambitious with making hats to donate to the NICU this week. Yes, I made all of these in the past week. I had lots of little scrap yarn ends I was determined to use up... and I used up quite a few of them with this.

Going through the piles of items I've crocheted in the last few months, I realized neither of my girls had ear flap hats, so I made matching ones for both Emoree and Anya!!! Emoree loves to run around the house in hers.

Just a simple crocheted headband I made, and this is what I hope to have on Anya when the NILMDTS photographer comes to the NICU to take pictures of her for me.

I created this pattern myself :) It is 0-3 month size and I call it a floppy daisy hat, but many I've showed it to say it looks like a Foofa hat? I didn't understand the reference (and actually had to google it) because I've never seen Yo Gabba Gabba before. Anyway, the inspiration actually came from a photography friend of mine, who years ago took pictures of her newborn in a large bowl that looked like a teacup, and her baby had a large flower bow on top of her head. I had that image stuck in my head and I remembered how much I loved that picture... so I decided to make a crochet hat for Anya that looked similar to that style.

The picture on the left is the last picture I have of me pregnant with Emoree and on Tuesday this week I hit that same gestational day, 32w6d. I had been looking forward to that day so I could take a pic of me in the same bathing suit, same pose, on the same gestational day for the best comparison... and I definitely have more belly & boobs with Anya than I did with Emoree!!

33 Weeks: 202.6 lbs (+16.0 lbs)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Free Crochet Pattern: 0-3 month Floppy Daisy Hat

***This pattern belongs to Karen Wockenfuss. Do Not Copy without permission. Items made with this pattern may not be sold. Please post this link when referencing this pattern.***

This is my first time actually writing out a pattern I've created, so bare with me! Please feel free to comment below if something doesn't make sense. Enjoy!!!

Items Needed:

H/8 5.0mm crochet hook
1/8 skein worsted weight pink yarn
small amount worsted weight white yarn
small amount worsted weight yellow yarn
yarn needle

Stitches used:
double crochet (dc)
single crochet (sc)
slip stitch (sl st)
double crochet two together [decrease] (dc2tog)

Pink yarn, Start w/ Magic Circle
R1: ch2, 10dc in circle, sl st to top of ch2
R2: ch2, 2dc in each st, sl st to top of ch2
R3: ch2, *2dc in first st, 1dc in next st* repeat around, sl st to top of ch2
R4: ch2, *2dc in first st, 1dc in next 2 st* repeat around, sl st to top of ch2
R5: ch2, *2dc in first st, 1dc in next 6 st* repeat around, sl st to top of ch2
R6-10: ch2, 1dc in each st around, sl st to top of ch2
R11: (DO NOT ch2) *skip 1st st, 4dc in next st, skip next st, sl st in next st* repeat around, sl st in first st, fasten off.

(If you want to make this in true newborn size, just skip row 5, and you will end up ending with the 10th row being the scalloped edge)

Yellow yarn, Start w/ Magic Circle
R1: ch2, 11dc in circle, sl st to top of ch2
R2: ch1, 2sc in each st around, sl st in first st.
Attach white yarn for petals.
R1: ch2, 1dc in next 3 st. ch2 & turn
R2: 2dc in 1st st, 1 dc in next st, 2dc in last st, ch2 & turn
R3: 1dc in each st, ch2 & turn
R4: dc2tog, 1dc in next st, last 2 st dc2tog. ch2 & turn
R5: dc2tog, 1dc in last st.
sl st down the side of the petal to the yellow base. at the base, sl st in the next st.
repeat petal 5 more times, starting ch2 in the last sl st.
Edging of flower: sc around edges of each petal continuously to finish. fasten off.

Attach flower to top of hat with yellow yarn and yarn needle.

0-3 month size measures approx 13" in circumference, and 5" in length

Friday, July 20, 2012

32 Weeks & 2 Days: Bed Rest Day 86

I am 9 days away from the gestational day Emoree was born! That is my first goal.. to surpass 33w4d. 2nd goal is 35 weeks, and then every week after that is an added bonus!

First appt this week was Monday, my regular OB appt which thankfully was uneventful. No cervix check, yay! It wasn't necessary to do one because I haven't been having any pressure/contractions. I checked with her again to make sure I was a good candidate for VBAC, and she said, "I see no reason why not!" This made me super happy :)

Appt #2 was yesterday morning, I had a fetal echocardiogram with the pediatric cardiologist which was also uneventful :) Anya looks good and stable. The later in pregnancy the harder it is for them to do ultrasounds... because she is in the worst position possible (spine up, head down), and the bones calcify and it causes shadows on ultrasound, so for what they were able to see she looked good. Next appt with the peds cardio is in 4 weeks, she said if I make it that far!

Today I had a quick ultrasound and a non-stress test. In the picture above, the ultrasound tech said the white squiggles in the center of the pic is hair!!! Her head is the shadowed out circle to the right. She also had her hand covering her ear, it was cute but they couldn't get a good picture of it. She was super active this morning and totally non-cooperative, I actually jumped a few times because Anya kept hitting a nerve on my hip! After the ultrasound they hooked me up to the contraction monitor and fetal heartbeat monitor for a NST. This usually takes 20-45 minutes, and I was on the longer end this time because in the shorter time frame she wasn't having enough accelerations in her heart rate, but she had more towards the end. No contractions, yay! Good thing to, because I was having some pressure last night, but it was gone this morning. I was sooo sleepy (7:30AM appt) that I actually fell asleep for a few minutes :)

Today I also got to visit my friend's baby in the PICU. She is 3 weeks old today and recovering from the first (Norwood) open heart surgery. She has the same congenital heart defect Anya has, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Recovery is a slow and stressful process, but she is doing very well today I am so proud of her and her strong momma! It was very nice to see them both.

Yesterday I finished Emoree's blanket! I have made Anya 3 blankets for far, so I decided it was overdue time for me to make Emoree one. It took 16 days (I worked on it everyday), and it is definitely my largest project yet, it measures 47"x38"! This is all from "leftover" yarn I had, I didn't buy any of it :)

Today I subject you to an iPad self pic, not my usual picture style :) 32 weeks & 2 days preggo! I did my makeup today for the first time in MONTHS. I also had 4" cut off my hair (no more hair dye in my ends, yay!) and my eyebrows waxed which was much overdue.

32 Weeks: 198.6lbs (+10 lbs)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

31 Weeks: Bed Rest Day 77

My countdown ticker says "63 days to go" until Anya is born... I'm just hoping to make it another 4-5 weeks! Tomorrow is 2 months away from my official due date.

I saw my OB on Monday, and that visit went well. I didn't want a cervix check, but she insisted, and luckily I am still holding at 2cm dilated and 75% effaced. The procardia is working, and she gave me another script to take it for another month. Luckily, I don't experience the side effects every time I take it!! Ocasionally I get shaky, dizzy, my heart races, and I get a headache. Other times, I'm fine! My blood sugar numbers have been ALOT better too, and its not like I'm doing much different! The best part is my OB told me that I can get in my own backyard pool!!! :)  I am now officially on once a week OB appts, every Monday morning.

This morning I had a fetal cardiology appointment and growth scan. Anya wouldn't cooperate, so the only picture I got was of her foot (toes on the left, heel on the right). I did get to see her practice "breathing" on the ultrasound though, that was neat! Her heart rate was about 143, which is good. The best part is, she weighs approximately 3lbs 11oz!!! I think I saw on the screen this puts her at the 38th percentile. This is only 4oz less than Emoree weighed at birth at 33w4d, and 1oz MORE than Emoree weighed coming home from the hospital! And I'm only 31 weeks! If this keeps up she will be a good size by 35-36 weeks :) Today my amniotic fluid measured 10cm, when 2 weeks ago it was 16cm. Because of this, I ended up on the monitor today for a Non-Stress Test, which I will now have done every week, and I also have to go back this Friday to check the amniotic fluid again just to make sure it hasn't decreased further.

No crochet pictures this week, I am still working on Emoree's granny square blanket. I have 47/80 square complete, so over halfway done the squares! Putting it together and doing the border is a whole nother task. I started packing my hospital bag this week, all I really have together is 2 pairs of PJs and some toiletries but its a start.

On Monday, I did my own maternity pictures :) I didn't want to wait any longer in case I would miss the opportunity to do them... and it is something I have been looking forward to. There are still a few shots I want to do that involve Emoree, I hope to get those done this weekend.

31 Weeks: 200.6 lbs (+12 lbs)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

30 Weeks & 1 Day: Bed Rest Day 71

To say the least, it has been an "interesting" week. The end of last week and the weekend was nice... I had friends over on Thursday and Saturday and things felt "normal" again. Luckily with all the crazy storms last Friday, we didn't lose our power like lots of others did because I don't think I would have survived this 100+ degree heat without AC!!

Monday morning my first appointment was with the diabetic nutrition counseling people... Let me tell you I didn't learn much! The only thing I got out of it was I need to "count carbs"... but honestly it hasn't affected my numbers much.

My next appointment was immediately following the diabetic counseling appointment, and that was my regular OB visit. It started out like a normal visit, heard Anya's heartbeat, talked about my blood sugar numbers, etc. She asked if I had any contractions in the last two weeks, and I said no, but I've felt more pressure. She decided it would be a good idea to check my cervix... and that is when everything changed. I was shocked to hear that at 29 weeks & 5 days pregnant I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced! This earned me a trip immediately to Labor & Delivery. We walked back across the street to the hospital and I was admitted to L&D. I was quite upset about this...

They had a room ready for me when I got there because my OB had called ahead to let them know I was on my way. First thing they did was hook me up to a heart beat monitor for Anya, and a contraction monitor. They ended up taking the heart monitor off later that night because Anya was doing just fine, but the contraction monitor they left on me for my entire 28 hour stay. For the first 6 or so hours, I was having "uterine irritability", not really contractions. Anyway, within the first hour I was there they started me on IV fluids, did a cervical exam (OW!!!!) in which they did swabs for a FFN test and all sorts of other things, and they re-checked my cervix which was confirmed to be 2cm dilated & 50% effaced. My cervix was checked again 2-3 hours later, and it was 2cm dilated and 75% effaced (which is what it currently still is today). The FFN test luckily came back negative, it is some sort of test that can predict if I was going to deliver in the next two weeks. They also started me on Procardia to keep away any contractions, which I am still taking around the clock every 6 hours. My mom brought Emoree up to the hosital to see me for about an hour, and that made me happy. Later that night she called me before bed time and was crying :( We haven't been apart one night since she was 15 months old. Also, it is hard to sleep in a hospital! I literally only got 3 hours of sleep. They gave me a steroid shot on Monday to help mature Anya's lungs quicker in case she is delivered prematurely, and also one the second day before I was discharged. Also because of my gestational diabetes (that I still don't believe I have), they tested my blood sugar a heck of a lot! After the first steroid shot, my sugar shot up to over 200. After two doses of insulin Monday night, it was finally back down in the 140-150s. I did some crocheting while I was in the hospital too, but it was difficult with the IV in my arm (I requested to not have it put in my hand). I was FINLLY discharged just before 4PM on Tuesday! I have orders of even stricter bed rest, no pool (not even laying in my lovely pool raft), I am allowed from the bed, to the recliner, to the bathroom, and a quick trip to the kitchen for a snack and a water bottle, but no standing in the kitchen preparing food.

While admitted in Labor & Delivery, a very special friend of mine stopped by to see me Tuesday morning. Her daughter was born on Friday, and she has the same CHD that Anya has, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Her precious baby girl had open heart surgery on Tuesday for the Norwood procedure, the first of the 3 surgeries that Anya will have as well. I think it is about a 5-6 hour surgery, and the most complex of the 3. Now two days later, baby C is doing better than expected, and her chest will be closed tomorrow (they typically do not close the chest immediately after surgery because of swelling). Anyway, her Mommy Sarah is pretty handy with scrapbooking and card making, and made this for Anya! I am going to frame it and hang it in her nursery.

Yesterday I was pretty depressed... it was 4th of July, 99 degrees, and I couldn't go swimming. It was even too hot to sit outside on a lounge chair for more than 20 minutes, and everyone else was in the pool. I fell asleep at 8PM and didn't even see one bit of fireworks. I wanted to crochet, but my wrist is pretty sore from my IV (it is bruised and swollen). Today I'm feeling alot better... I'm home by myself and spending the day inside in the air conditioning... my wrist is still pretty bruised but I might try some crocheting a little later.

I cancelled my other 2 doctor's appointments this week; I was supposed to have a cervix length check today which would prove to be pointless, since I just had a check on Tuesday and I am dilated. The other appointment was at pediatric cardiology for a fetal echo, which I rescheduled for 2 weeks from today. Monday I see my OB again, and I see the fetal cardiologist next Wednesday.

Late last week I made Anya 3 more hats while sitting outside in the shade, and Emoree was swimming. This first one is a pattern I came up with myself, and it is approximately 6 months size.

This one is newborn size, which is very similar to a hat I made very early this pregnancy. The one I made before was preemie size and I've decided I won't get use out of it, so I put it in my "donate to the NICU" stack of hats and made this one instead, and added a cute flower to it :)

This one is 3 months size, a simple design with a butterfly detail :)

While I was in the hospital, I finished Emoree's big sister present from Anya! All I had left to do was the shoes, so it didn't take long. I love it, and I hope she will too!!

This is my collection so far of hats (and a pair of booties) I've made to donate to the NICU that Anya will be in. So far it is 14 hats, and I want to have at least 20, which should be an easy task. They range in size from tiny preemie up to large newborn :)

and now for my current project... I am making my first granny square blanket! I am going to need at least 80 squares total (they measure 4.5" square) to make it at least 36"x45". 8 squares done, at least 72 to go! This is going to be for Emoree, because I promised her I would make her a blanket. This is from "leftover" skeins of yarn both my mom and I have in bins... and I am starting with this lavender, and I am also going to do pink square and white squares (all in yarn I already have laying around). This project is going to take me awhile, but I'd like to have it done before Anya is born!

I took this picture (the one on the right) on Friday when I was 29 weeks & 2 days (5 days before I had Emoree), to compare to the picture on the left when I was 32 weeks & 6 days pregnant with Emoree!! More than 3 weeks behind, my belly is already bigger, my boobs are bigger, and I am definitely more tan :) I really would like to take this same picture again when I am 32 weeks & 6 days with Anya ;)

30 Weeks: 200.2 lbs eek! (+11.6 lbs)