Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just a small taste

I really don't have anything to blog about right now, but since I created this page tonight I felt as though I should. Thank you Courtney, for starting yours today. I felt I had to copy you and put useless words into cyberspace that no one is likely to read. Either way, here it is.

Right now, it is 11:19pm and my two year old peanut is still awake. Bad Mommy, I know. We are both laying in my bed and she is watching me type, bound to be asleep within minutes, far before I actually finish and post this. Yes, 89.5% of the time she sleeps in my bed and this doesn't bother me one bit. I find her body heat to be comforting. By the way, she is asleep now.

I will *probably* generally use this as a photo blog. This particular post doesn't have photos in it because I am on my laptop laying in bed, and I store all of my photos on the desktop upstairs. Although, there are a number of things I am passionate about.. so we will see.

I started running (as a form of exercise) about 3 months ago. My best 2 mile time is 23:54, *just* under 12 minute miles. I am proud of how much I've improved. When I first started, I could only run 1/4 mile before having to stop and do a walking segment. Now I can run 1-1.5 miles before taking a walking "break". I try to go to the gym 3x a week and do either 2 miles on the tredmill or 30 minutes on the elliptical. I <3 the elliptical!!! I could go all day on one if I had time. Since 10/12/10, I've lost 23lbs. Go me! I have 26lbs to go to reach my goal weight. I don't have a timeline set for that, but it would be nice to be at my goal weight in time for our CRUISE in October!!

This will be my 3rd cruise, and I think they are the BEST VACATIONS EVER. We depart from Baltimore October 20, 2011 for 9 wonderful nights aboard Royal Carribean's Enchantment of the Seas (I've been on this ship before) headed to St. Thomas; Puerto Rico; Dominican Republic; and Labadee, Haiti. I am BEYOND excited for this trip! We booked over a year in advance. This will be Peanut's first cruise, and we have an appointment to apply for her passport next week.

There, I did it. I finally have a blog. Happy Reading :)

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  1. You're welcome Karen :) I like reading your blog lol. I can't believe Em stayed up so late! I'd be sawing logs by that time hehe. <3!