Thursday, April 5, 2012

17 Weeks & 1 Day

So this week I had two appointments.. my regular OB appointment on Tuesday, and my first cervix length check at the Perinatal Center on Wednesday. OB appointment went quick as usual, they took some blood, and I got to hear the heartbeat. The heartbeat was clear and strong! I made my appointment for 4 weeks from now, I will be 21 weeks. My OB also said the perinatalologist wants me to do the glucose tolerance test earlier than normal, so he gave me the nasty orange drink I have to drink 1 hour before my next OB appointment. That stuff is icky... it tastes like stale orange soda.

The Perinatal Center printed me a new ultrasound pic! Yay! They did a quick abdominal ultrasound before doing the cervix check. I wasn't too fond of the ultrasound tech I had... usually the ultrasound tech will talk to you and tell you what they are measuring... this girl stayed silent. I asked her what she was measuring, she said everything looks fine. Your cervix is closed (I'd hope so!). Not exactly what I was asking though... after the ultrasound she flipped through my file, mumbled to herself, and said she needed to check with the doctor, she would be right back. Way to make a pregnant lady worry, geez! She came back and said, "ok, see you in two weeks!" I asked again what did my cervix measure, and she said, "um, well, it was about 2.8cm." I thanked her and left. From research I've done, I know they wanted me to be over 3cm. between 2.5 and 3.0cm is a wait and see sort of zone... and below 2.5cm means bedrest and if before 21 weeks, a cervical cerclage. I hope to know more at my 19wk scan... including the baby's gender. :) Hoping for a nicer ultrasound tech next time!

I feel baby move every now and then, not everyday. One thing that makes me a little nervous is after being up and about all day, by the afternoon I start feeling light pressure in my lower abdomen. I go pee about every 45-60minutes to avoid putting pressure on my cervix, but I still feel pressure! It can get uncomfortable sometimes, like today. If it gets worse, I'll call my OB, if not I'll just mention it next time...

Now I just need to get someone to give me my p17 shot today!!!

17 Weeks: 190.0 lbs (+ 0.4lbs)

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