Thursday, March 29, 2012

16 Weeks & 1 Day

Did you miss me last week? I've been posting every week, but skipped last week :) Anyway, 20 days until my gender/anatomy scan!!! Very excited!! 5 days until my next OB appointment, and 6 days until my first cervix measurement at the Perinatal Center. So much to look forward to!! The best part: I felt baby move for the first time last night <3 I was laying down, and first I felt a small jab, then a few minutes later I felt a few flutters. So exciting!! I felt Emoree for the first time at 15w5d, so this one was only 2 days later. Also because I remember dates and all like this and can be slightly superstitious about some things.... when I was 16w1d pregnant with Emoree I was in a car accident on my way home from work, I was taken to the hospital but obviously all was okay. So guess who isn't driving today? ME! Well, I did have to go out this morning, but home now with no plans of going anywhere else. Besides Emoree woke up with a bad cold and doesn't feel well.

This is why I had to go out this morning, to get my first weekly p17 (progesterone) shot. I wish I could do them myself, and may ask the doctor next week if I can give them to myself in my thigh rather than having a nurse at my mom's work give them to me in the buttox. This is a 10 week supply, it cost $146. I will need another 10 week supply too, with the hopes of making it to 36 weeks! The shot didn't hurt anymore than a normal intramuscular shot, no big deal! So far no side effects, I felt a little lightheaded and slightly nauseated right afterwards, but figured out that was because I hadn't eaten in 2-3hrs.

Just wanted to say, this is what I am enjoying while I type this today. My favorite: A Keylime Blendini with Vanilla custard and Nilla Wafers. It tastes just like a keylime pie!!!!

I had a pregnancy massage last week!!! It was FANTASTIC! I wish I could afford to go every 2-4 weeks, I would do it. My shoulder hurts minimally now, not all the time. The one thing bothering me now is sciatic nerve pain, and that isn't something likely to go away :o(

This is the diaper I ordered last month, and I had been waiting for it to come in!!!! I love it!! It is so soft :) I cannot wait to make a big cloth diaper purchase from after I find out the gender!!

I also bought baby's memory book in the last two weeks!! It is the same one that Emoree has, I LOVE it! Baby's is the new one on the left, and Emoree's is the covered one on the right. After I find out the gender of this one, I will make a padded cover for that book too! I also bought Emoree a new book (not pictured). She has mentioned "daddy" once or twice now, So I bought her two books that are geared for kids her age called "Why Don't I Have a Daddy?: A Story of Donor Conception" by George Anne Clay, and "The Family Book" by Todd Parr. They both basically teach kids that there are all different kinds of families.

Belly pic!!! Baby is growing! I still haven't gained any weight though... :o) And I have a confession... I love maternity clothes!

16 Weeks: 188.0 lbs (-0.6 lbs)

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