Friday, August 17, 2012

36 Weeks & 2 Days: Bed Rest Day 114

So I made it to 36 weeks... here that Anya? You are welcome to make your way into the world anytime now. Technically starting at 37 weeks is considered full term, and I have 5 days to go on that... but my doctor's consider my due date to be 4 days ahead of what I say so as far as they are concerned I am 37 weeks tomorrow! Many of my friends/family birth predicitions fall in this week. My aunt said the 15th, that has passed. A family friend says today the 17th because it is the new moon. Well, I'm not in labor yet. My guess has always been August 18th, tomorrow. I'd still be very content with that. My mom says August 20th, and I had a dream the other night that it was the 23rd. Anyway I look at it, I have 19 days or less to go, because induction day is set for September 5th. Emoree's first day of pre-k and her first dance class is September 4th, and if I make it that far I will check-in to L&D at 8PM on Sept 4th, right after Emoree's dance class.

Monday was my 36 week OB check up. I found out my GBS test came back positive, which means while I am in labor I will have to receive 2 doses of IV antibiotics to prevent Anya from getting pneumonia. This was no shock to me because it was also positive when I had Emoree, but I ended up in c-section before the second dose of antibiotics so they ended up giving Emoree IV antibiotics to prevent any infection. I also asked about if my difficult to locate cervix would cause any issues with having a vaginal birth, and luckily my OB said no that won't matter at all.

Yesterday I had a fetal echo that looked good for what they could see. The tech even said "I don't know why you are here at 36 weeks, the bones are too calcified to see the heart," ecspecially since Anya is head down and spine up, and has no interest in changing positions (which I don't want her to, she is set for birth!). I also found out that the pediatric cardiac surgeon that will do Anya's surgeries will be on vacation next week... so the tech told me to NOT have Anya this weekend! Well, I can't really control that and she will come when she is ready, right? Today I had a quick ultrasound that looked good too, amniotic fluid measured 11cm. Anya was behaving for the NST today too, I only had to be on it for 22 minutes because Anya was good and active today.

Last weekend we took Emoree to the park near our house and she had lots of fun, ecspecially considering I don't have the opportunity to take her as often as I used to. And of course, I had to make a photo shoot out of it too.

We were there in the evening, so I had to take advantage of the river and awesome close to sunset light :)

Emoree has made swimming progress too this week, she lost one of her floaties in the pool and kept on swimming!! Her floatie she has on has less than 50% air, because I've been gradually letting the air out to encourage stronger swimming, so she had to kick her feet to stay afloat! She also for the first time willingly put her whole head under the water!! She will be swimming on her own next summer.

36 Weeks pregnant belly shot, and Emoree wanted to join in too. My bathing suit doesn't cover my whole belly anymore :-P

36 Weeks: 209.0 lbs (+20.4 lbs)

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