Thursday, August 9, 2012

35 Weeks & 1 Day: Bed Rest Day 106

So I've made my second goal now, 35 weeks. One more week baby girl, and you can come any time!! I've also made it into triple digits of days on bed rest. Being pregnant with Emoree was easy... Being pregnant with Anya makes me glad it's my last time!

I haven't updated in 2 weeks.. last week was pretty uneventful and I really didn't have anything to say. I had a normal OB appointment, a normal NST, etc. No contractions, no pressure, nothing. This week at my OB appointment I had the GBS test (typically done at 36 weeks, I requested it a week sooner just in case I wasn't still pregnant next Monday), and I had my cervix checked and I've been holding out at 2cm and 75% effaced for over 5 weeks now! ALSO.... I have an "unofficial" induction date set for Wednesday, September 5th, in which I would go in at 8PM on September 4th to start the induction process. Not that I think I will go that far.... that would be 39 weeks.

This morning was a growth scan/ultrasound and an NST. It is quite possible that my growth scan from 2 weeks ago was inaccurate in her measurements that led to a weight of 4lbs 9oz, because there were disproportionate measurements of her limbs (my OB showed me the report on Monday). Which leads me to believe that her weight range estimate today of 4lbs 15oz to 5lbs 5oz is a little more accurate, so she is measuring small (which can be normal for a heart baby) for her gestational age. Or, she may just be running out of room in my half of a uterus. The NST took a lot longer than usual today, because Anya was sleeping for the first 25 minutes of monitoring so the nurse wasn't getting the heart rate accels that she needed to see. The second half hour Anya was moving a bit more (I actually got over 40 movements from her clocked in about a half hour).

Next week I have 3 appts... Monday is OB, Thursday is pediatric cardiology fetal echocardiogram, and Friday is ultrasound/NST.

Yesterday I was finishing up packing Anya's hospital bag. It mostly includes hats, booties, headbands, and side snap newborn shirts that make accessing everything she will have attached to her easier. Specifically they are side snap so that there aren't any snaps in the center that would sit on top of her incision after surgery.

Last week I made this hat for Anya, approx 3-6 months size.

This is a double pom-pom hat I made for Anya last week as well. It will look really cute in pictures :)

Last week we signed Emoree up for dance class (ballet & tap) starting September 4th. She is really excited about it! We took her out and bought her leotards, tights, ballet slippers, etc. and I crocheted her 2 bun covers and a pair of leg warmers.

This picture is from 1.5 weeks ago, I was 33 weeks & 4 days in this underwater pic, the same gestation I was when I had Emoree... but here I am still pregnant with Anya!!

And here is my 35 week pic from yesterday. :)

35 Weeks: 207.6 lbs (+ 19.0 lbs!!!!)

I know I'm not full-term yet, but I really hope my post next week is announcing Anya's arrival. I am so DONE with being pregnant, and I feel like she doesn't have much more room to grow.

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