Monday, September 3, 2012

1 Week Old

It's hard to believe, its already been a week since Anya has arrived after waiting for so long! It has been a very busy week too.

Besides being 1 week old, Anya had a big day. She had her chest closed this morning!! That is the first of many post-surgery goals met. In the next few days her chest drain tubes should be removed, and Dr. Kaushal said she is doing so well so could be extubated in the next few days, but I think it could be more like a week. Then she can start feeding!!

I went to the hospital at 7AM this morning to see Anya before her chest closure. She was wide awake and looking around!! The procedure was a little over an hour, and was done right in her room, and my mom and I waited in the family waiting room. I was a little nervous when I saw the "ecmo cart" roll in the room, but I know it was just precautionary. After her chest was closed, she had an xray and then I could go see her for a few minutes. They asked me to leave the room after a few minutes because her central line in her neck was leaking and they needed to replace it, and that took at least another half hour. I stayed with her for a little while after that, then got to chat with my heart mom friend Sarah and see her 2 month old baby girl :) Anya was sedated for the procedure and they told me she would sleep all day.

~Emoree, the proud big sister she is!~
On Friday Emoree had Pre-K orientation!! She loved it and didn't want to leave. Her first "full" day (9AM-11:45AM) is on Tuesday September 4th.


On Saturday Emoree was swimming and finally decided she could take her floaties off, and she swam independently (next to the ladder) for the first time!!!!

First picture was taken 3 hours before Anya was born, and the 2nd one was taken yesterday! 15lbs difference! 9lbs to go to pre-pregnancy weight.

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