Sunday, October 21, 2012

Welcome Home Anya!

So here is the post I've been excited to finally be able to write... Anya is home! She came home on Tuesday, October 16th about 4:30PM. She is doing fantastic! She weighed about 8lbs 2oz when she came home, and is now 8lbs 8oz just 5 days later :)

Pictures from her hospital discharge:

I was so excited to FINALLY for the first time ever be able to pick her up, unattached from all wires and tubes!
The first night home was a little rough. Anya woke up at 5AM (1.5 hours before her contiuous feed ends) and started throwing up, 4x in an hour. I stopped her feed and elevated her bassinett mattress (so she is inclined and not laying flat), and she has had perfect nights ever since! She sleeps through most of her continuous feed, which means Mommy gets about 7 hours of straight sleep :)
I could not wait to give my stinky baby a bath. At the hospital, all they could do was sponge baths so I couldn't wait to give her a real bath! Pictures from her first and second baths:

Other pics at home:

Anya gets 7 different medications daily. She gets a lovenox injection twice a day, asprin 1x/day, multivitamin 1x/day, lasix 2x/day, captopril 3x/day, reglan 3x/day, and zantac 3x/day. Luckily, her g-tube makes giving meds easy, except for the lovenox injection. That goes in her thigh.

Emoree is a proud big sister :) She tells me whenever Anya is crying, whenever Anya poops, and when her feeding pump is beeping. She is very gentle with her and always washes her hands.

and finally, both my girls in their car seats :)

On Wednesday I took Emoree to Weber's Farm while Grandma watched Anya. It was fun just Emoree and me time :)

Some people say that breast feeding or holding your baby while bottle feeding them is the best way to bond with them. With some babies, that isn't an option. Anya is fed 95% through her g-tube and we have had no problem bonding. I sometimes even feel like I am bonding better with Anya than I did with Emoree at this age.
And here are some of the "newborn" pictures I've been waiting forever to take. :)

 and here is her birth announcement I am going to be mailing out to family :)




  1. Love your pictures! So happy for you guys!!

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