Thursday, November 1, 2012

Home again & Halloween

I want to keep this updated, but hardly ever find the time to! We have had a lot happen in the last two weeks. I'll start with Anya was home for 10 wonderful days, then on Friday night 10/26/12 her sats dropped into the 50-60s and wouldn't come up. It was like this for over an hour, so that earned us a trip to the ER. You know how you normally sit around and wait for 4 hours in an ER before anyone even calls your name? Well, thats not the case when you take a blue baby in and state that her sats are in the 50s. If anything, that gets people moving. They put her on oxygen right away, and did an echocardiogram and a chest x-ray. Both of which turned out unchanged from before. She does have a moderate leak on her tricuspid valve in her heart, but that luckily has not worsened. She was admitted and we were right back in her old room in the IMC/PICU unit at UMMC, luckily without a roommate. She even had her same crib. They did a viral panel, and that came back clear. Turns out her hematocrit was low and she needed blood, so they tried 4x Saturday night to put an IV in unsuccessfully, then Sunday they got an IV in her head and she was able to get her blood transfusion (I think she has had like 12 of them now?). Since Hurricane Sandy was headed up the coast, Emoree stayed with Grandma & Grandaddy and I packed a bag and stayed at the hospital with Anya. Monday morning Anya was taken off of oxygen and was doing very well. We were going to stay until Tuesday to ride out the storm, but then Anya got a roommate that wasn't very pleasant so I asked if she could be discharged. So we left Monday during the hurricane, and made it home safely.


It was nice to have Anya home for Halloween! Anya had a cardiology appointment in the morning, so I took her there while Grandaddy took Emoree to school and took pictures of her during her school Halloween Parade.

After we were all home we cleaned and carved our pumpkin :)

Grandma stayed home with Anya while I took Emoree trick-or-treating with her cousins, which she was most looking forward to.
Today we did handprints and footprints, and after bath time we had a mini photoshoot!

and we finish off with Emoree practicing to write her name :)

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