Thursday, July 26, 2012

33 Weeks & 1 Day: Bed Rest Day 92

33 Weeks... this is the week I had Emoree when I was pregnant with her. 33 Weeks & 4 days, which will be this Sunday, and I'm hoping to make it at least 2 more weeks :)

On Monday I had my weekly, uneventful OB appt. It was pretty quick, no cervix check. I asked for the first time what my fundal height (vertical belly/uterus measurement in centimeters) was, and I measured 35cm!! Which means my uterus is measuring about 2 weeks ahead. Also, I won't have cervix checks again until about 36 weeks unless I am having contractions or pressure, because if I go to 4cm dilated I will be admitted. Next appointment is again next Monday. However the last few days I've been quite uncomfortable and having tightness and pressure... not sure if I've had contractions or not, so I will probably end up with a cervix check on Monday, when I will be nearly 34 weeks. :-/

Today, Anya was the most cooperative she has ever been! Hence all of the ultrasound pictures :) She looked good and stable during the scan too. We had a growth scan today, and she is approximately 4lbs 9oz!! Yay!!!! I was also on the non-stress test monitor for only 20 minutes today because that went quite well, no contractions and Anya's heart rate was really good. Amniotic fluid measurement was the same at 11cm.

This is my favorite picture from today, her nose is smushed up and her lips are puffed out... and on the lower right side of her face you can see her fingers :)

Today I ordered Anya's infant car seat!!!! I was going to wait until after she was born (since I wouldn't need it for a few weeks after anyway), but I was on today and it was on sale!! Free shipping too :) Anyway, I was on creating a baby registry (a little late, right?). Basically just so I know what items I still need to get for Anya. Not like I am having a baby shower or anything... I more so made it for my own reference. Anyway, here is my registry link: *Walmart Registry for Anya*

Being at home for 3+ months on bed rest gets old fast.... and this week online shopping kinda kept me happy :) I was looking at's summer clearance, and ordered this dress for both Emoree and Anya for next summer. I made the best guess I could on size.. Emoree is in a girl's 6/small now, so I ordered her a 7/medium for next summer... and for Anya I ordered a 12-18 months size. It is their first set of matching dresses :)

I was a little ambitious with making hats to donate to the NICU this week. Yes, I made all of these in the past week. I had lots of little scrap yarn ends I was determined to use up... and I used up quite a few of them with this.

Going through the piles of items I've crocheted in the last few months, I realized neither of my girls had ear flap hats, so I made matching ones for both Emoree and Anya!!! Emoree loves to run around the house in hers.

Just a simple crocheted headband I made, and this is what I hope to have on Anya when the NILMDTS photographer comes to the NICU to take pictures of her for me.

I created this pattern myself :) It is 0-3 month size and I call it a floppy daisy hat, but many I've showed it to say it looks like a Foofa hat? I didn't understand the reference (and actually had to google it) because I've never seen Yo Gabba Gabba before. Anyway, the inspiration actually came from a photography friend of mine, who years ago took pictures of her newborn in a large bowl that looked like a teacup, and her baby had a large flower bow on top of her head. I had that image stuck in my head and I remembered how much I loved that picture... so I decided to make a crochet hat for Anya that looked similar to that style.

The picture on the left is the last picture I have of me pregnant with Emoree and on Tuesday this week I hit that same gestational day, 32w6d. I had been looking forward to that day so I could take a pic of me in the same bathing suit, same pose, on the same gestational day for the best comparison... and I definitely have more belly & boobs with Anya than I did with Emoree!!

33 Weeks: 202.6 lbs (+16.0 lbs)

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  1. You look great!!! Praying you can hold out as long as possible!!