Thursday, February 16, 2012

10 Weeks & 1 Day

So I've made it to double digits, yay :o) The past week has been a little hard for me, and I guess I am "lucky" because I don't have any bad pregnancy symptoms, but I just want to feel something!! I feel like I was much more excited at this point when I was pregnant with Emoree. Crocheting makes me feel better, since I am crocheting for baby, I guess it helps make this whole pregnancy thing feel more "real" for me right now.

I am also a little nervous about this week. When I was in my 10th week when I was pregnant with Emoree I started having moderate bleeding, that lasted for weeks. It started while I was working and I rushed to the hopsital, thankfully Emoree & I were okay, but it was still traumatic. I couldn't work for 2-3 weeks. So now that I am in my 10th week I'm a little scared, but it could happen anytime, or not at all, right?

I don't really have too much to say this week, my next OB appointment is not until March at about 13 weeks. I am thinking about paying for a gender scan at a 3D/4D ultrasound place at 16 weeks, rather than waiting for my 18/20 week anatomy scan, I feel like that will help make this more "real" for me, but it is still 6 weeks away. Not that I am rushing this pregnancy, it is my last, and I just want to enjoy it!

I made this newborn cocoon/egg bowl a few days ago, it was my first project this week. I got it finished in 2 sittings, approximately 3 hours total. The "model" is an 18" doll of Emoree's that I use for sizing items for small newborns. Considering Emoree was born at 17", I really don't expect baby #2 to be more than 19". This project is a photography prop ONLY. It is not for everyday use by any means. These things sell for $20-$40 on!! I made it for free with spare yarn I had leftover.

A friend of mine suggested that I make one of these fringe "blanket" photography props this week, and I am thankful for the idea!! Again, this is a prop only and not for everyday use. It took about 2-3 hours to make, I did it in two days. I bought the yarn at Walmart for a total of $10, and these props sell on for $50-$80. I also have some left over yarn to make it fuller if I choose to do so. I also might cut 4" or so off of the ends, I haven't decided yet. I wanted a dull/darker rainbow color ideal, and I am happy with how it turned out :o) Hey photographer friends, after my baby outgrows these props... I might considering selling them next year after I am done with them!!! :o) :o)

I am also currently working on crocheting a 0-6 months Santa hat. I've made 3 of these before, I am about halfway done and an hour into it. I have a made a toddler size for Emoree, an infant one for a friend's baby, and the first one I made I was just testing the pattern and stuck it on one of Emoree's dolls. Most likely, I will have it finished and ready for next week's update. Next up is another photography prop, a hanging stork pouch. I bought a soft creamy white yarn that is really bulky and durable for $6 for two skeins!

10 Week (& 1 day) belly pic. Not entirely happy with how it turned out with the black shirt, but oh well. Different shirt next week. I don't see any difference from last week, though I did lose another half pound. My metabolism works best while pregnant, lol.

10 Weeks: 187.6 (-1. lb)

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