Tuesday, February 7, 2012

8 Weeks & 6 Days

I'm a little confused as to the exactly "what day" I am at, and with my OCD that bothers me a little, but my OB today confirmed my 40 week due date as September 12, 2012, but he said I am 9 weeks today? I updated all of my pregnancy tickers and they say for 9/12/12, I am 8 Weeks & 6 days today, so that is what I am going to stick with. It is still a day further than I thought!!

Yay for a 3rd ultrasound!!! Those who are ultrasound illiterate: The white blob in the center of the darker blob is the baby, the dark area is the amniotic sac. The top is the baby's head, sticking out to the left is an arm, the bottom is legs and feet, and I am pretty sure the placenta is the area on the bottom right area of the amniotic sac. My OB says baby is growing appropriately. I had a physical exam, and luckily the only blood draw I needed today was thyroid screening, since the fertility center had already done all of the infectious disease bloodwork. I go back in 4 weeks, on March 6th and at that point I will be able to finally hear the heartbeat!! Today I saw the heart beating on the sonogram monitor. Emoree told my OB that she wants a baby sister :o) We were at the office for nearly an hour and a half... Emoree was really good the whole time!

Sometime in the last week or so, I think my belly swelled and I am *just* starting to look preggo, or maybe just fat haha. Either way, my jeans/pants are no longer comfortable and I pulled the box of maternity clothes out of the attic. I thought I had 2 pairs of maternity jeans, but I could only find one pair of jeans, and a few other pairs of pants. I don't remember half the clothes that are in there! Some still have tags on them. It is fun to have *new* clothes...

No crochet pics to show this week, I am halfway through making a newborn photography prop, and I also made a cute little hat for a friend's baby this week.

Of course, Emoree wanted to say "hi"! She decided to color her nose today with marker, she wanted to be Minnie Mouse since she is wearing her Minnie shirt.

9 Weeks: 188.2 (-.4lbs) gained a pound this week..

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