Thursday, February 2, 2012

8 Weeks

Today I am 8 weeks pregnant! Tomorrow will be one month since I first found out I am pregnant. I had my second ultrasound at the fertility clinic yesterday! Baby measured at 7 weeks & 5 days, which is only a day behind gestation so basically right on track. I was also "released" from the fertility center!!! Very excited :) They gave me copies of some of my blood tests and etc. to take to my OB. My first appointment with my OB is in 5 days, on Tuesday February 7th @ 1:15PM.
They actually printed 3 pictures for me yesterday, only because they had a sonographer tech at the office who was teaching the doctor 3D scans! The top picture of the 3D image, it is a little unclear but you can see one of the bright spots is the heartbeat, which I got to see on the monitor yesterday!!! The middle picture you can't see much, and the bottom is the same as the first I posted. Another interesting point: the cover sheet they gave me to give to my OB had my due date as 9/12/12, which is a day sooner than I originally thought!! So I guess technically today is 8 weeks & 1 day ?? I will update that next week :) Ooh the fertility nurse also told me yesterday I can stop taking the Prometrium now!!! WOOHOO!!!! I only have 4 days of capsules left, so they told me I could finish the bottle then I am done with it.

Here is my crochet project this week! I actually made this start to finish in about 1-2 hours. It does help I have made two of them before, one for a friend's baby two years ago and another toddler sized for Emoree. This one is about 0-3 months size, and I figure Baby #2 will be about 2 months old around Halloween. Next I am either going to make a 0-6 month size Santa hat, or a newborn photo prop :)

Today I took Emoree to Bounce Party N Play, a local bouncy house/inflatable slides party place for an open play session. We have been many times before too, and she loves it. I haven't taken her in awhile and was a little nervous about taking her today, since today was the first time I wouldn't be able to bounce and go through the obstacles with her, but she did fantastic!!!! She played non-stop and I just sat on the sidelines and watched, taking pictures of course. Before when we would go she would get nervous and didn't want me out of her sight, but that was not the case today! She ran around and played with the other kids.

Oh yes, sorry no belly pic today. I never got around to it. I will try to do one next week! When I actually have a baby belly, there will definitely be a pic every week :) I will try to update Tuesday, after my OB appointment!!

8 weeks: 187.2 (-1.4lbs) I lost 2lbs in the past week?

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