Wednesday, March 14, 2012

14 Weeks: Second Trimester!!

Yay for the second trimester, starting today! The second trimester is my favorite part of being pregnant. I can now officially have a pregnancy massage, which I may schedule for next week. I can find out the baby's gender in a few weeks too!
I had my consult appointment at the perinatal center yesterday. First thing was my ultrasound, I got to see my little bean moving around!! Baby was measuring at 13 weeks & 1 day, so only 5 days behind, which is in normal range. The heart rate was 163bpm, which is good!! My mom came with me to watch Emoree, and as soon as they put the ultrasound jelly on me Emoree freaked out and my mom had to take her out of the room :( After the ultrasound I talked with the doctor, and went over my whole medical and pregnancy history. I guess she was suprised at my medical knowledge, because she asked me if I was a nurse! After going through all the fertility treatment, I guess I know more than most! The doctor decided that the p17 shots (weekly progesterone shots to prevent pre-term labor) would be a benefit for me. I start those in two weeks, and I need to call my insurance company and the pharmacy to set that up and order them. I will take them every week until I deliver, or 36 weeks. I will also be going to the perinatal center every 2 weeks or so to check my cervix length, to make sure it isn't shortening prematurely (which could cause early labor). My first cervix check is at 17 weeks, April 4th. And the best part is, my anatomy/gender ultrasound is scheduled!!!! I will be 19 weeks, it is at 10AM in April 18th. YAY!!!

These are all of my baby purchases for the first trimester, minus one diaper that I haven't gotten in the mail yet. I think I behaved!! Considering, I got all of the items either on clearance or really really cheap. After April 18th though, and I find out this baby's gender... I don't know if I will be able to contain myself...
This is what the nursery looks like as of today. Since Emoree's room got a make over, a lot of furniture got shoved in here. The rocking chair will stay, and so will the white cabinets (minus the overhead ones, taking those down so I can use the countertop as a changing table). the table and chairs with stuff piled on them will be taken out. The bassinet will go next to my bed. This room needs paint and carpet too... A lot of work to be done!

This is Emoree's room partial makeover! She has slept in her own bed for one week straight, so yesterday her Poppy and I put together hew brand new big girl bed!!! It took 5 hours to do... She also got a new, taller wardrobe to hang up more of her clothes, and most of her floor is now covered in a fuzzy purple rug :) I am still looking to get a new border to cover up her baby one, and I will also eventually make her a new curtain. She LOVES it, and is VERY excited!! I spent over $500 on new stuff for her room so far... good thing for tax refunds :) She needed it though, and it is good timing since I will be starting to put together the nursery in about 2 months.

I am starting to feel pregnant now, and I love it :) I *think* I am starting to feel little flutters every now and then from the baby moving, but I am not sure yet. It is still a bit early!

14 Weeks: 189.2lbs (+0.6 lbs!)

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