Thursday, March 1, 2012

12 Weeks & 1 Day

Tweleve weeks! Time is going fast. My next OB appointment is in 5 days, on March 6th. I am excited about that, because that is the first time my OB will use the doppler :) Not that I haven't used one already... considering I bought my own on eBay for $51.88 and have used it twice already this week! It calculates the baby's heart rate too, which if it is accurate is about 120-130. An old wives tale says that if baby's heart rate is above 140 it is a girl, below 140 is a boy. I don't know how much faith I would put into that method, so we still have a few weeks to wait and see!!

I had chicken for the first time in 6 weeks last night, I decided to get a chicken taco at El Saltos while I was out with my friends, because I couldn't decide on a veggie dish I wanted, and I LOVE their chicken soft tacos. It didn't make me sick, yay!!! I haven't really been nauseated at all, as long as I eat every 2-3 hours. Yay!!! My complaints are my upper back/shoulders  is so sore, and has been for weeks. I blame it on work, haha. I'm going to ask my OB if there is anything I can do/take, since tylenol doesn't help. I get a few uncomfortable twinges in my lower right belly (basically where baby/uterus is) when I stand or walk for a long time, and I am pretty sure it is just my uterus and previous scar tissue stretching. It may be more uncomfortable for me because I have a vertical scar on my uterus from my previous c-section.

I like to shop, I can't help it. These are my purchases in the last few weeks... I've bought 4 one size cloth pocket diapers (the last one hasn't been shipped to me yet). The yellow and blue I bought on eBay, the blue for $4.00 and the yellow for $3.45. They are Babyland brand. The green one I bought for $4.59 from, which I will definitely be ordering from again, I plan on making a big order when I know if baby is a boy or girl! They are decent quality. I cloth diapered Emoree too, from birth until about 2-2.5 yrs old. I don't mind the laundry, and not having to buy diapers every week is a big plus. With Emoree, I used prefolds with covers until she was about a year old until I learned how to make my own pocket diapers! I've decided I didn't want to make them this time around, that I wanted to invest in one size diapers, and I like the price, considering "brand name" ones run $20-$30. I will use disposables for this baby until baby is 8-9lbs, then switch to cloth.

This is what I have crocheted this week, two hats that I plan on donating to the NICU. I also made a gift for a friend (not pictured). I actually haven't crocheted in a few days...

Today I took Emoree to Bounce Party N Play and she had tons of fun bouncing around. She made a friend and it was so cute they would run from one bouncy obstacle to the next holding hands. After open bounce I took her to the mall, she had her hair cut (bangs trimmed and 2" off of her hair), and we had lunch and went shopping. I was good, I didn't buy anything for baby, but I did look. I did buy Emoree a few things, including her cute hair clip from Gymboree on clearance!

HaHa, I don't feel like I look that "round". I guess I just picture well?

12 Weeks: 186.4lbs (-2.2 lbs)

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