Friday, May 11, 2012

22 Weeks & 2 Days: Bed Rest Day 16

Just a quick update today! I had my 2nd cervix length check for the week this morning, and it is measuring 2.0-2.1cm! A lot better than Wednesday, when I was measuring 1.5cm (worse than I thought, I had seen 1.7cm!). So things are looking a little better today! Fluid around baby looks good too, and she is still head down, pressing her head right against my cervix (the tech tried nudging her to get her to move up a little!)

I am going to have a photo album full of pictures for this kid, before she is even born!!! To date, I have 18 ultrasound pictures of her. They have been printing me 2D & 3D pics everytime now :) The one on top she has cord across her face which slightly distorted the right side. The bottom left is a 3D image with her arm in her face, and the bottom right is a 2D profile image (head on the right, abdomen on the left).

I finished my work in progress from Wednesday, this light yellow hat is soo soft! It is one I plan to donate to the NICU. This is really easy to make and I may just make a few more like it with the rest of the yarn.

And a thank you to my favorite Michele, who came to visit me yesterday and brought me some yummy cupcakes she made!!! Thanks!!! <3

I decided to do a belly pic today too :-P

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