Friday, May 25, 2012

24 Weeks & 2 Days: Bed Rest Day 30

I have survived one month on bedrest!!! Go me!! Hopefully 3 more months to go :) 24 Weeks is also a first goal of most on bed rest... viability, meaning a healthy baby has a chance of survival born at this age. This isn't my first goal however, my first goal is surpassing Emoree's gestational age at birth (33 weeks & 4 days), but this baby needs to be at least 5lbs! This week has been a little easier... my friend Nicole took me out to lunch one day, and I've also picked up an old computer game which is my absolute favorite... Might & Magic 6. The game is 15-20 years old but still pretty awesome, and keeps me entertained for hours home alone.

I had an appointment on Wednesday, my only doctor's appointment this week!! It was supposed to be just for a cervix length check and a visit with the fetal cardiologist, but it turned out to be hours longer. First off, cervix length is good... back up to approx 2.5-2.6cm!!! Fetal cardiology went well, they mentioned they are keeping check on her aortic pressure to make sure something doesn't close off, not sure what that was about, but this week it looked good. Also, Anya weighs approximately 1 lb 4 oz!!!! Right on target for her gestational age. No pictures this week, she was facing back, little stinker!

My appointment was extended with a visit upstairs to Labor & Delivery. During my ultrasound, I mentioned to the fetal cardiologist that I am in between transferring OBs right now, and I think I have a UTI, so I was asking what she reccomended I do since I know UTIs left untreated (besides being painful) can lead to pre-term contractions, so they took me up to L&D. They put me on a contraction monitor, and decided to do a straight cath draw (ow!!) to test for a UTI. Turns out I don't have a UTI, so no explanation for my symptoms (which is alot better now, thankfully!), but they did leave me on the contraction monitor for over 3 hours because for the first 1.5hrs I was having small contractions every 10 minutes. They also manually checked my cervix twice, once when I was having the regular contractions, then again after they stopped to make sure there was no change in my cervix. They said it was soft, but closed. After 1.5 hours of every 10 minute contractions, they slowed down to about every 12-17 minutes, then finally stopped and they left me on the monitor for another hour to make sure they were gone before they sent me home. I also got to meet my new OB who happened to be in L&D that day, so she stopped in to meet me. My first appointment with her is June 4th. They also talked about doing steroid shots, to help with lung maturity, but that can wait a few weeks because this baby needs to get bigger first!!

Since my cervix length was better this week, and as long as I don't have any more contractions or pressure pain... I get to go to Ocean City, MD tomorrow!!!! Just one night, but that is enough for me to sit on a bench on the boardwalk and eat my Thrasher's fries w/ apple cider vinegar, while watching Emoree run around on the play equipment on the sand on the beach. Very excited!!!! Since I can't really do anything... I'm taking my SLR camera with me and Emoree will love to be my model :) If I tell her I am taking birthday pictures of her she will love it... after all, her birthday is in 5 days!!! She knows we are going on a trip, but she doesn't know where we are going yet. She will probably guess it though, because she talks about Ocean City all of the time.

24 Weeks: 191 lbs (+2.4 lbs)

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