Wednesday, May 9, 2012

22 Weeks: Bed Rest Day 14

22 weeks pregnant today, and week 2 of bed rest. I hope I can make it another 15-16 weeks! I woke up to Anya kicking like crazy this morning, and that was pretty awesome. She never stops moving!

I had my glucose test on Monday, and just found out a few minutes ago that I failed the 1 hour test :( I have to call back to schedule the 3 hour test, which I will probably fail as well. I probably do have gestational diabetes, it would add just another "exciting, terrifiying" twist to this pregnancy! Monday was also my last visit with my old OB, so he copied my chart and gave the copies to me to take to my new OB next month.

This morning I had an appointment with fetal cardiology at UMMS, and a cervix length check. The ultrasound of Anya went well, her heart hasn't changed any. She "waved" hi (first pic), and was covering her face in the second :) She weighs about 1 lb now! Her heart rate was a good 151bpm. The tech said my amniotic fluid looked good, and Anya is still hanging out head down, like she has been for the last two weeks. After the measurement scan, they did my cervix length scan. I could tell right away, and I could tell the tech looked worried. Last week she said my measurement was 2.3cm, she looked up my scans to verify. Today, I measured at a scary 1.7cm. She asked me if I had been feeling pressure, and I said yes I did for a short amount of time yesterday. The next thing she said was even scarier... She said they were probably going to send me upstairs to L&D to monitor me for preterm labor. She left the room for what felt like forever, then came back and led me down the hall. They put me on a contraction monitor in office for 20 minutes, and in that time I did have one small contraction. The lady monitoring me wasn't concerned about that, ecspecially since I barely felt it. I thought it was just Anya rolling around and pressing on my skin, because it only felt a tiny bit tight. After being monitored, I waited an hour to see the fetal cardiologist. She did a quick heart scan, then told me to come back in two days for another cervix check, that we could not wait a whole week.

While I was there, they also set up my weekly cervix length appointments for the next six weeks, later in May I also see the pediatric cardiologist again, possibly the surgeon again, and I get to tour the NICU in a few weeks too! I have at least 12 appointments at UMMS in the next 7 weeks.

They also got a good "girl parts" shot for me today too :)

So what am I doing while on bed rest? Mostly, sitting in the recliner or laying in bed. I do get up frequently to pee, because it feels like my bladder puts pressure on my cervix if there is anything in it. I have been crocheting a lot. I've made a few things for friends (not pictured, since they haven't seen them yet, and some do read this blog!) and I am working on baby hats to donate to the NICU. I have made a few things for Anya too <3 I am not "cheating" and driving at all anymore, I am instead working out other arrangements for Emoree to be picked up from school.

We had to cancel our Ocean City trip completely :( I can't be in the car that long, or be that far away from home/hospital for an extended amount of time. Taking Emoree to the zoo for her birthday is still pending, I will rent a wheelchair at the zoo. I can't believe my baby will be 4 years old in 3 weeks! She is very much looking forward to her birthday party, she talks about it everyday. I have help to make it happen, since I can't set it up myself! I get to sit and tell people what to do, and I must say I am pretty good at that :)

I have been crocheting a lot lately :) Above is all of my yarn for baby projects!! All of it is baby yarn or simply soft (my favorite!) yarn. And below are a few of my completed projects:

This is my first loom knit blanket, it is small (about 25"x 25") and matching hat. The blanket I made with the idea of it being a good NICU isolette blanket, or car seat blanket. I also made Emoree a matching one too in a child size (not pictured).

This is my first loom knit hat <3

I made this one two weeks ago with scrap yarn I had left over.

I made this one yesterday... I actually made two (the other one is going to a special heart mom I know). I love this one!!! I saw a similar one on etsy and had to recreate it myself.

Three hats I've crocheted so far to donate to the NICU.

Last one, this is my work in progress. This is while it is still on the knit loom, it is going to be a baby hat for NICU donation, a little more than half way complete.

I might post a quick update on Friday after my cervix check!!

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