Wednesday, June 6, 2012

26 Weeks: Bed Rest Day 42

Today is just a quick update, no pictures, sorry! I had a fetal echo this morning, and Anya is still looking stable. They didn't give me a weight approximate today. There was a small concern about amniotic fluid level, but the fetal cardiologist came in and measured it again and said it was okay, just a tiny bit lower than last week. My cervix length is a stable 2.2cm :) short but sticking!
Today is my first day tracking my blood sugar level... It's not as bad ad I thought. After all, I'd rather do this then take the 3 hr glucose test! This morning when I got up my number was 102, about 2 hrs after breakfast it was 121, and now 1 hr after lunch is 110! If my blood sugar numbers stay looking good I may only have to test for 2 weeks.

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