Wednesday, June 27, 2012

29 Weeks: Bed Rest Day 63

I've actually made it through 9 weeks of bed rest? Wow... and it's probably over half way over too! Today I'm taking bed rest to it's full extent... I'm freaking uncomfortable! Everytime I stand or walk I have a moderate amount of pressure and I am just generally exhausted. Also I feel like I live in a bubble, and Anya isn't even here yet. I miss my friends :(

I had my lovely weekly cervix check and ultrasound this morning! To which I found out why I'm so uncomfortable... Anya has been head down for 10 weeks now, but up until this week there was a tiny pocket of fluid between her head and my cervix that she used to have room to put her hand on top of her head, no more! Her head is now pressed hard against my cervix with no room to spare :-P Luckily, my cervix is still closed and measuring at 2.3cm! Given that I've been increasingly uncomfortable for the last 2 days, I was afraid it would be shorter. Also, the amniotic fluid is 16cm, which is right on target. Everything still looks good with Anya too, and she weighs an estimated 2lbs 10oz!! She is in the 42nd percentile for her gestational age, so basically on track.

That is really the only "update" I have this week, I miraculously only had one appointment!! Next week, I have 4. Monday is my OB appt and my "diabetic nutrition counseling" appointment, and Thursday next week is my pediatric cardiology appointment (for a fetal echocardiogram) and my last cervix length check.

As far as crocheting goes, I made a gift for a friend, I had another friend ask me to make two hats for her and I got them done this week, and I've been working on Emoree's big sister present :) I'm really excited about it! I will post a pic when it is complete, but she won't see it until after Anya is born, because it is her present from Anya. And of course, I finished Emoree's loom hat that matches one I made for Anya!

29 Weeks: 196 lbs (+ 7.4 lbs)

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