Wednesday, July 11, 2012

31 Weeks: Bed Rest Day 77

My countdown ticker says "63 days to go" until Anya is born... I'm just hoping to make it another 4-5 weeks! Tomorrow is 2 months away from my official due date.

I saw my OB on Monday, and that visit went well. I didn't want a cervix check, but she insisted, and luckily I am still holding at 2cm dilated and 75% effaced. The procardia is working, and she gave me another script to take it for another month. Luckily, I don't experience the side effects every time I take it!! Ocasionally I get shaky, dizzy, my heart races, and I get a headache. Other times, I'm fine! My blood sugar numbers have been ALOT better too, and its not like I'm doing much different! The best part is my OB told me that I can get in my own backyard pool!!! :)  I am now officially on once a week OB appts, every Monday morning.

This morning I had a fetal cardiology appointment and growth scan. Anya wouldn't cooperate, so the only picture I got was of her foot (toes on the left, heel on the right). I did get to see her practice "breathing" on the ultrasound though, that was neat! Her heart rate was about 143, which is good. The best part is, she weighs approximately 3lbs 11oz!!! I think I saw on the screen this puts her at the 38th percentile. This is only 4oz less than Emoree weighed at birth at 33w4d, and 1oz MORE than Emoree weighed coming home from the hospital! And I'm only 31 weeks! If this keeps up she will be a good size by 35-36 weeks :) Today my amniotic fluid measured 10cm, when 2 weeks ago it was 16cm. Because of this, I ended up on the monitor today for a Non-Stress Test, which I will now have done every week, and I also have to go back this Friday to check the amniotic fluid again just to make sure it hasn't decreased further.

No crochet pictures this week, I am still working on Emoree's granny square blanket. I have 47/80 square complete, so over halfway done the squares! Putting it together and doing the border is a whole nother task. I started packing my hospital bag this week, all I really have together is 2 pairs of PJs and some toiletries but its a start.

On Monday, I did my own maternity pictures :) I didn't want to wait any longer in case I would miss the opportunity to do them... and it is something I have been looking forward to. There are still a few shots I want to do that involve Emoree, I hope to get those done this weekend.

31 Weeks: 200.6 lbs (+12 lbs)

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