Thursday, July 5, 2012

30 Weeks & 1 Day: Bed Rest Day 71

To say the least, it has been an "interesting" week. The end of last week and the weekend was nice... I had friends over on Thursday and Saturday and things felt "normal" again. Luckily with all the crazy storms last Friday, we didn't lose our power like lots of others did because I don't think I would have survived this 100+ degree heat without AC!!

Monday morning my first appointment was with the diabetic nutrition counseling people... Let me tell you I didn't learn much! The only thing I got out of it was I need to "count carbs"... but honestly it hasn't affected my numbers much.

My next appointment was immediately following the diabetic counseling appointment, and that was my regular OB visit. It started out like a normal visit, heard Anya's heartbeat, talked about my blood sugar numbers, etc. She asked if I had any contractions in the last two weeks, and I said no, but I've felt more pressure. She decided it would be a good idea to check my cervix... and that is when everything changed. I was shocked to hear that at 29 weeks & 5 days pregnant I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced! This earned me a trip immediately to Labor & Delivery. We walked back across the street to the hospital and I was admitted to L&D. I was quite upset about this...

They had a room ready for me when I got there because my OB had called ahead to let them know I was on my way. First thing they did was hook me up to a heart beat monitor for Anya, and a contraction monitor. They ended up taking the heart monitor off later that night because Anya was doing just fine, but the contraction monitor they left on me for my entire 28 hour stay. For the first 6 or so hours, I was having "uterine irritability", not really contractions. Anyway, within the first hour I was there they started me on IV fluids, did a cervical exam (OW!!!!) in which they did swabs for a FFN test and all sorts of other things, and they re-checked my cervix which was confirmed to be 2cm dilated & 50% effaced. My cervix was checked again 2-3 hours later, and it was 2cm dilated and 75% effaced (which is what it currently still is today). The FFN test luckily came back negative, it is some sort of test that can predict if I was going to deliver in the next two weeks. They also started me on Procardia to keep away any contractions, which I am still taking around the clock every 6 hours. My mom brought Emoree up to the hosital to see me for about an hour, and that made me happy. Later that night she called me before bed time and was crying :( We haven't been apart one night since she was 15 months old. Also, it is hard to sleep in a hospital! I literally only got 3 hours of sleep. They gave me a steroid shot on Monday to help mature Anya's lungs quicker in case she is delivered prematurely, and also one the second day before I was discharged. Also because of my gestational diabetes (that I still don't believe I have), they tested my blood sugar a heck of a lot! After the first steroid shot, my sugar shot up to over 200. After two doses of insulin Monday night, it was finally back down in the 140-150s. I did some crocheting while I was in the hospital too, but it was difficult with the IV in my arm (I requested to not have it put in my hand). I was FINLLY discharged just before 4PM on Tuesday! I have orders of even stricter bed rest, no pool (not even laying in my lovely pool raft), I am allowed from the bed, to the recliner, to the bathroom, and a quick trip to the kitchen for a snack and a water bottle, but no standing in the kitchen preparing food.

While admitted in Labor & Delivery, a very special friend of mine stopped by to see me Tuesday morning. Her daughter was born on Friday, and she has the same CHD that Anya has, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Her precious baby girl had open heart surgery on Tuesday for the Norwood procedure, the first of the 3 surgeries that Anya will have as well. I think it is about a 5-6 hour surgery, and the most complex of the 3. Now two days later, baby C is doing better than expected, and her chest will be closed tomorrow (they typically do not close the chest immediately after surgery because of swelling). Anyway, her Mommy Sarah is pretty handy with scrapbooking and card making, and made this for Anya! I am going to frame it and hang it in her nursery.

Yesterday I was pretty depressed... it was 4th of July, 99 degrees, and I couldn't go swimming. It was even too hot to sit outside on a lounge chair for more than 20 minutes, and everyone else was in the pool. I fell asleep at 8PM and didn't even see one bit of fireworks. I wanted to crochet, but my wrist is pretty sore from my IV (it is bruised and swollen). Today I'm feeling alot better... I'm home by myself and spending the day inside in the air conditioning... my wrist is still pretty bruised but I might try some crocheting a little later.

I cancelled my other 2 doctor's appointments this week; I was supposed to have a cervix length check today which would prove to be pointless, since I just had a check on Tuesday and I am dilated. The other appointment was at pediatric cardiology for a fetal echo, which I rescheduled for 2 weeks from today. Monday I see my OB again, and I see the fetal cardiologist next Wednesday.

Late last week I made Anya 3 more hats while sitting outside in the shade, and Emoree was swimming. This first one is a pattern I came up with myself, and it is approximately 6 months size.

This one is newborn size, which is very similar to a hat I made very early this pregnancy. The one I made before was preemie size and I've decided I won't get use out of it, so I put it in my "donate to the NICU" stack of hats and made this one instead, and added a cute flower to it :)

This one is 3 months size, a simple design with a butterfly detail :)

While I was in the hospital, I finished Emoree's big sister present from Anya! All I had left to do was the shoes, so it didn't take long. I love it, and I hope she will too!!

This is my collection so far of hats (and a pair of booties) I've made to donate to the NICU that Anya will be in. So far it is 14 hats, and I want to have at least 20, which should be an easy task. They range in size from tiny preemie up to large newborn :)

and now for my current project... I am making my first granny square blanket! I am going to need at least 80 squares total (they measure 4.5" square) to make it at least 36"x45". 8 squares done, at least 72 to go! This is going to be for Emoree, because I promised her I would make her a blanket. This is from "leftover" skeins of yarn both my mom and I have in bins... and I am starting with this lavender, and I am also going to do pink square and white squares (all in yarn I already have laying around). This project is going to take me awhile, but I'd like to have it done before Anya is born!

I took this picture (the one on the right) on Friday when I was 29 weeks & 2 days (5 days before I had Emoree), to compare to the picture on the left when I was 32 weeks & 6 days pregnant with Emoree!! More than 3 weeks behind, my belly is already bigger, my boobs are bigger, and I am definitely more tan :) I really would like to take this same picture again when I am 32 weeks & 6 days with Anya ;)

30 Weeks: 200.2 lbs eek! (+11.6 lbs)

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