Friday, July 20, 2012

32 Weeks & 2 Days: Bed Rest Day 86

I am 9 days away from the gestational day Emoree was born! That is my first goal.. to surpass 33w4d. 2nd goal is 35 weeks, and then every week after that is an added bonus!

First appt this week was Monday, my regular OB appt which thankfully was uneventful. No cervix check, yay! It wasn't necessary to do one because I haven't been having any pressure/contractions. I checked with her again to make sure I was a good candidate for VBAC, and she said, "I see no reason why not!" This made me super happy :)

Appt #2 was yesterday morning, I had a fetal echocardiogram with the pediatric cardiologist which was also uneventful :) Anya looks good and stable. The later in pregnancy the harder it is for them to do ultrasounds... because she is in the worst position possible (spine up, head down), and the bones calcify and it causes shadows on ultrasound, so for what they were able to see she looked good. Next appt with the peds cardio is in 4 weeks, she said if I make it that far!

Today I had a quick ultrasound and a non-stress test. In the picture above, the ultrasound tech said the white squiggles in the center of the pic is hair!!! Her head is the shadowed out circle to the right. She also had her hand covering her ear, it was cute but they couldn't get a good picture of it. She was super active this morning and totally non-cooperative, I actually jumped a few times because Anya kept hitting a nerve on my hip! After the ultrasound they hooked me up to the contraction monitor and fetal heartbeat monitor for a NST. This usually takes 20-45 minutes, and I was on the longer end this time because in the shorter time frame she wasn't having enough accelerations in her heart rate, but she had more towards the end. No contractions, yay! Good thing to, because I was having some pressure last night, but it was gone this morning. I was sooo sleepy (7:30AM appt) that I actually fell asleep for a few minutes :)

Today I also got to visit my friend's baby in the PICU. She is 3 weeks old today and recovering from the first (Norwood) open heart surgery. She has the same congenital heart defect Anya has, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Recovery is a slow and stressful process, but she is doing very well today I am so proud of her and her strong momma! It was very nice to see them both.

Yesterday I finished Emoree's blanket! I have made Anya 3 blankets for far, so I decided it was overdue time for me to make Emoree one. It took 16 days (I worked on it everyday), and it is definitely my largest project yet, it measures 47"x38"! This is all from "leftover" yarn I had, I didn't buy any of it :)

Today I subject you to an iPad self pic, not my usual picture style :) 32 weeks & 2 days preggo! I did my makeup today for the first time in MONTHS. I also had 4" cut off my hair (no more hair dye in my ends, yay!) and my eyebrows waxed which was much overdue.

32 Weeks: 198.6lbs (+10 lbs)


  1. You look so pretty! So glad Anya is cooperating and staying in there for you! I never thought about it getting harder to see the heart the farther along you are - I thought since the heart was bigger you could see more - makes sense with the bones calcifying I guess. How much is she weighing now? We have an OB appt tomorrow and I'm always nervous they'll tell me he's topped growing.
    Glad you guys are doing well though - we'll be thinking about you!

    1. Thanks!!! At 31 weeks Anya was an estimated 3lbs 11oz. We have another growth scan on Thursday this week, which I will update after that. She has got to be over 4lbs by now! Good luck with your OB appt... Thinking about you too!