Tuesday, January 31, 2012

7 Weeks & 5 Days: & a little bit of Emoree too.

Four weeks ago today I found out I am pregnant! Time has flown by. Tomorrow is my second ultrasound, and I should be able to see the heartbeat at this point. Very excited! I will update again on Thursday with the ultrasound pic. Today, Emoree wants to show off her Valentine's impromptu photo shoot!!

Yes selective color is tacky, and I normally never do it, but for that photo it works for me. Valentine's Day is tacky anyway, right? Emoree is growing up! We haven't done a staged photo shoot in quite a while, but this was the easiest by far. She is now old enough to follow directions, and want to listen. It helps she also likes to have her picture taken, as long as I show her the pictures right away :o) I may or may not print out the collage picture 4x6 and have her give them to her friends at preschool with a lollipop taped to the back, I haven't decided yet.

Last week I finished my first crochet project for Baby #2! I have soooo many more patterns I want to make too, so I am happy to have this one finished. The blanket measure 34"x35", and the hat is preemie sized at a 11"circ (unstretched), which may be able to fit baby #2 just for the first few weeks. Grandma says it's too girly if I have a boy.... I don't think the blanket is, the hat maybe.

Just for an idea of the crochet projects I have in mind.... I want to make newborn photography props (egg bowl, stork pouch, & swaddle wrap), and various hats including a newborn pumpkin hat and a crochet santa hat. And these are just my gender neutral projects! I'm excited to get girly (or boyish) with my ideas too.. but I can wait!! This is my last pregnancy and I stop myself from saying "I can't wait for.." because I don't want to rush it, it is going way too fast already!!! And after I finish my projects, or probably also in between, I plan to make preemie & newborn hats to donate to the NICU at the hospital I am delivering at. They only take 40-60 minutes each to make. :o)

Next update Thursday!

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