Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 17: 48 hours makes a world of difference

Day 17, Today is a good day. I had bloodwork and ultrasound this morning at 7AM. My favorite blood draw tech told me that two days ago (when I didn't have any follicle measurements) that I actually did have measurements, and there was 1 at 11mm, and 2 at 10mm. This made me feel a little better I almost cried, because I went in this morning with very little hope.

My ultrasound went well today!!!! I am excited to say I have 4 follicles over 10mm!! They are 16mm, 14mm, 12mm, and 11mm. Over 17mm is a mature follicle so I am ALMOST THERE!! I just hope my doctor doesn't think it is "too many" follicles that could possibly release eggs, and that just the 16 & possibly the 14 mature. I got my phone call just before 1:30pm today and my estrogen level is 849!! Crazy!!  I take 100IU of Follistim tonight, and I go back tomorrow morning at 7:15am. Tomorrow morning is the first appointment that will conflict with my work schedule (I'm suprised it hasn't up to this point!) but I will just be about 45 minutes late for work. Oh well!! This is much more important!

This could be it!! I am *really* hoping that all goes just as well tomorrow and that I am instructed to do the Ovidrel trigger shot tomorrow night!!! I am so excited now!!!

Another update tomorrow night!!

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