Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 6: Monitoring + etc.

First thing I've got to say is I don't know how all of you "normal" women deal with having a period every month. It can seriously GO AWAY now! 6 days is too long!

Anyway, after 3 days of Follistim at 75IU I went back in for ultrasound and bloodwork monitoring this morning. The doctor didn't say anything during my ultrasound this morning, but I did peak at the computer before I left and saw my uterus lining was about 10 mm, and the other measurements were just of my ovary, not of individual follicles, which I must admit I am a little disapointed about. He said I would most likely be coming back in 2 days, but to wait until I got the phone call this afternoon to see what the bloodwork said.

So I got the phone call, and my estrogen level was 60.2 which is a slight increase and a teeny step in the right direction, but no LH response, which my initial reaction was it is a little early for a LH surge anyway. They decided to up my Follistim to 100IU for 3 nights, and they want to see me back in 3 days (on Saturday) for bloodwork and ultrasound, which will be CD9.  I really, really hope I get SOME kind of follicle measurements on Day 9... or I may be a little heartbroken. My boobs have been sore, my lower abdomen has been cramped, I really felt like the Follistim was working appropriately so I was really suprised to be told to up my dose.

I did my injection of 100IU of Follistim tonight hoping and praying that I will not have to buy an additional vial. I've also been scowering the internet for similiar stories and blogs from women who have been in the same spot as me and I probably shouldn't have because now I am more anxious, worried, and a little discouraged. There are some really sad heartbreaking stories out there. I vow that I will not look up any more information on the internet about estrogen levels, LH surges, or follicle growth.

Hopefully I will have a better update on Saturday...

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