Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 2

I feel like I haven't updated forever, but up until now there hasn't been anything going on! So anyway, I just wanted to do a quick update before tomorrow. Today is Day 2 of my cycle, so tomorrow (Day 3) I have an appointment at 8AM (yes, even on a Sunday!) for bloodwork and ultrasound. As long as that checks out okay, I will start the Follistim injections tomorrow evening to start maturing those follicles!!

On the topic of medications, it might not be a listed side effect but I would swear that Provera can cause temporary short term memory loss. This past week I would have lost my head if it weren't attached. I lost my cell phone at Target on Black Friday (thankfully someone turned it in!), I seriously forgot what day it was on numerous occasions, and sometimes had no recollection of what I was doing just 15 minutes prior. Maybe it is just anxiety, but who knows! Hopefully that is overwith now. I'm ready to move forward!

I hope to have a more detailed update in the next day or two. We shall see!

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