Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3 Weeks & 5 Days

I took two HPTs today... and well, a digital test says it best:
YAY!!!!!!!! So excited!!!! For all good measure, here is the 1st test I took this morning (the Clearblue Digital was second):

There is a faint line there! This is what sparked the need to take the digital test today :) This is an Equate brand test. I think I got my first BFP (positive HPT) at 12 DPO when I was pregnant with Emoree too!

Since Ovulation day was December 22, 2011, this makes me 3 weeks & 5 days pregnant today. Baby #2 is due September 13, 2012!!!! This means I will most likely have an August baby :o) Ahhh so overwhelmingly excited!

I decided to let Emoree tell Grandma that she is going to be a big sister today. We went to AC Moore's and I bought stuff and made her a t-shirt:
Emoree is excited too! She has been talking for awhile about wanting a sister (she doesn't realize she could end up with a brother, lol). I already bought yarn today (a pretty unisex peach color I have been looking at for months) to crochet a baby blanket. Now to pick a pattern I like!

I go Friday for the blood test to get my hCG number, and then I most likely go back 2-3 days later for another blood test hCG count. From what I remember last time, first ultrasound (performed by the fertility center) will be in about 3 weeks to see how many embryos... hahaha. This also means I continue on the Prometrium suppositories for the next month or so... fun!

I will update again with my hCG count on Friday!!!! Stay tuned over the next several months.... for my journey through a high-risk pregnancy and birth!

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