Thursday, January 19, 2012

6 Weeks

5 Weeks & 6 Days

There is my little peanut!!!! And I mean, ONE little peanut!!!! Implanted in the right place, the right size, all looks good so far!!! I'm sooo happy :) For those who are ultrasound illiterate, The white "bean" in the middle of the black area is the embryo, and the white area in the top of the black space is the placenta, the black space is the amniotic sac. Yay!!!

Sorry I didn't get to update yesterday, I had my ultrasound and went straight to work, and didn't get home until 10PM, when I went to bed! So today I am 6 weeks pregnant!! Pregnancy symptoms are minimal, I've cut meat out of my diet a few days ago and haven't had a bit of nausea since. I am still getting protein, not to worry, I am drinking protein drinks for breakfast, eating greek yogurt, and beans in tacos and burritos :) I think it's crazy I can eat a Cheesy Bean & Rice Burrito from Taco Bell no problem, but a turkey & cheese sandwich will make me sick... oh well!

I asked my reproductive endocrologist (at the fertility center when I had my ultrasound yesterday) when I should schedule my first OB appointment for. He said that I will see him again in two weeks for another ultrasound (yay!!! Its scheduled for 11:45AM Wednesday Feburary 1st), and I can set up my first OB appointment for the following week. So exciting!!

6 weeks: 188.6lbs (-.2 lbs)

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