Saturday, January 7, 2012

4 Weeks & 2 Days

Sorry I didn't get a chance to update yesterday!!! Very busy busy. I had my "official" blood test yesterday, and I am "officially" pregnant!! My hCG number was 97.2!!! That is a very good healthy number. That was a nice birthday present for Grandma! At this point when I was pregnant with Emoree, I think my hCG number was only 30-40 so I had waited a few days to "announce" my pregnancy last time to make sure the number doubled in 2-3 days with the 2nd blood test. All is going well!!!!!

I go back Monday (at 4 Weeks & 4 Days) for my second blood test to make sure the hCG number doubles. My concern is if it more than doubles.... :o) But I'm not going to think about that.

I'm already getting started clearing the space that will eventually become the nursery. It still needs a LOT of work!! Right now I am just working on clearing my junk out. I've already got Emoree's toys out and into her new playroom, which is mostly complete. Over the next few months this room will get the stationary tub taken out (need to call a plumber to cap off the water lines in the wall), patch the wall behind the sink, new carpet, paint, and then to make it start looking like a nursery! I can't wait until I can pull the crib out of the attic and the rocking chair from Emoree's room :)

And of course, Emoree's new playroom. It only took me two days to set up. Moving the futon sofa created a lot more space (I forsee spending a lot of time laying on that futon during bedrest while Emoree plays!) and all I had to do was ditch one dresser and the TV I never use, and Emoree has a larger playroom!

Hopefully next update will be Monday after my second blood test :)

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